Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Great Job!

Showing Sunday Oct 5th:

Ben and or Dan maybe you should get on top of having some kind of fucking logo or poster or some shit like that because I really don't have the energy to google for 20 minutes/check the myspace page photo albums looking for a picture that will represent your little film.

It's totally possible that the most fun emotion in the world to experience is being proud of other people.
Mostly because I live one of the most low pro lives in the history of mankind, I'm blown away by people I know actually trying to do something large-ish.

I wish I was going to be there, but I work two days a week and the showing happens to fall on one of those days.
Just my luck.
But I shant complain about being unlucky because the actual good fortune comes in the form of quality time spent with Captured's absurdly haaaaaaaandsome/charming/wavey from birth director. Not you Dan. The other one.

If you're around Woodstock, I advise you to attend.
If not, you are definitely an asshole.

Remember when Captured was screened at Webster Hall a couple months ago and instead of going I went to a weird party full of fuckyface fashionistas for the launch of Metal Magazine?
There were a minimum of 10 grown men at that party wearing long krishna dresses.
Yeah I mean you can go back in my blog archives and read about it, I only went for the open bar margaritas, but I really think the better decision would have been going to Webster Hall.
I lose.

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