Friday, October 24, 2008

Todays IM Moments with the Classiest of Cholitas. Holler.

Hi Cholita!

Cholita: twisters so boring
Krissy: you better take that back
Cholita: i wont
Krissy: i love that horrible movie

Krissy: i think a man whos hotness is underrated is bill hader
Krissy: he is hot like a serial killer
Cholita: yeah hes pretty hot
Cholita: hes like the good looking version of jim breuer

Cholita: i stole diane keatons socks once

*in regards to Cholitas needs for her future apartment when she moves from LA to NY:
Krissy: who the fuck has a library in new york?
Krissy: you craze
Krissy: my blog is done
Krissy: its guh
Cholita: by library i mean a room for books
Krissy: yeah. i know
good luck with that

Krissy: are you watching the gay dance?!?!!?!
Krissy: its SO GOOOOOOD
Krissy: i cant deal with it
Cholita: I CANT DEAL
Cholita: hes REALLY good
Cholita: he should be in a musica
Krissy: he is like
Krissy: zoolander
Krissy: meets god
Cholita: meets "bruno"
Krissy: meets vaginas
Cholita: meets my friend walton
Krissy: meets magical feet
Krissy: i realize how cliche it is to listen to that song drunk with your girlfriends
Cholita: im gonna go tinkle

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