Friday, October 3, 2008


You heard her right.
The bitch said Nuculer.


Kate said...

she also said "doggone it," "shout-out," "darn it," called a U.S. military dude by the wrong name, and projectile-vomited folksy down-home "aw shucks" b.s. at "the American people" for two hours.

(i was a little worried (though charmed) when biden said "bosniak," but i learned from a friend with an international-politics obsession that it's a for-real term.)

i loathe her.

jimmy said...

and i like to read the shit you blog outta shit. i can't believe you saw that, i hope it wasn't too weird to see your blog on my blog..

- and that newkyewler lady is awful.

Annabelle said...

i love that someone is this (pinching motion with index and thumb) close to guarding one of the world's most extensive arsenals of nuclear weapons and can't pronounce the word.

i also love calling rachel ray the culinary sarah palin.