Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fuck That Guy Mostly His Face Edition

This is really hard for me because right now, I am listening to a song by this man, and I kind of want to cry.
It totally hurts to listen to, I think maybe because I have a vagina?
It's like listening to Berlin's "Take My Breath Away"
You just sort of have to love it, you have little choice in the matter.

Here he is.
Mr. Aaron Neville joined by Linda Ronstadt, making ovaries explode all over the world.
I don't know much......but I know I love you!
That may be all I need to know!

Jesus Christ.

The first line of the song is "look at this face"

GEHH no thanks Nev.
Your mug...
how can I say this the right way...

You can say oh hey Krissy its not his fault
He was born that way.
Well to quote the ever poignant Uncle Buck played by John Candy:
"Heres a quarter. Go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face."

*sidenote* maybe the greatest fan photo ever

Also please burn every article of clothing you cram your body into.
Go ahead. Google him. There is not one picture where his shirt even remotely fits.
I would bet my life he thinks he looks like a super beefcake.
Not really, maybe an extremely lumpy sausage link.
That could be closer to an accurate description.

Aside from being the grossest looking man throughout all of time, I have nothing else to hate on.
Tell It Like It Is?
Ugh such a good song.
Also hes a black dude slash american indian from New Orleans with a knack for giving a shit about his community.

So yeah, Fuck That Girl Krissy for being such a shallow piece of shit.

But still.

Whatever is going on with what my EYES are seeing....
Its just the balls.
The stinking hangy old BALLS.

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Annabelle said...

Tell It Like It Is is the first song on my "When-I-Used-To-Drive-Around-LA-Around-1 am-Because-I-Was-Always-Pissed-And-Driving-East-Only-To-Exit-The-Freeway-In-East LA-Drive-Back-Then-Go-To-A-Bar-And-Booze-Then-Drive-Home" playlist.