Friday, October 10, 2008

My eyes make sounds when I blink, true story.

Women love Benicio Del Toro.
Thats just a fact of life.
If Brad Pitt were 4 thousand times more interesting plus had extra testosterone, he would be sort of like Benicio.
Thats what I call him, we have that kind of relaysh.
Not really but Stephanie met him yesterday.
When Stephanie came over and told me about him, what he was wearing, how he smells, what his voice is like, my eyes teared up a little.
I clapped my hands the whole time she was talking about it.
Don't judge me, D did the same thing.
This is the second time last night I heard the DT story.
Still good.

D getting a little misty eyed maybe

Pre bar outing, Sam Stephanie and I did the whole Thursday NBC I -have-to-watch-these-comedic-half-hour-gems thing. I was a little bummed because nothing was I just peed in my pants funny at all.

I think I should guest star on SNL Weekend Update to do this segment.


I like being super poor and having rabbit ears for reception and everything, but I am sort of glad I'm getting forced into having some sort of cable come February 2009. Thanks New York, you really put the flame under my ass.
Those commercials are really sad where its like "do you have antenna reception tv? because your tv might as well just be a useless box come February. maybe you can hollow it out and make it an aquarium or something."
Thanks for the tip.

Anyway, everyone was a total wackjob yesterday.
Steph and I went to Crown and talked to the guy behind the counter about Munchers (we suggested they rename it something that implies what the ingredients inside are)
There were about a dozen crazy PRs in the place, half of them drunk at 7pm. They ranged in age from maybe 14 to 28. It was not good. I garauntee that their styrofoam cups were filled with pineapple soda and gin. Or something equally horrifying.
One of the guys told Stephanie I was cute then tried to give her tips on working in the art world. Ummm. Ok. He was one of those crazed people who IS drunk and keeps saying "Y'all don wanna see me drunk cause I WILL act a fool up in here muthafuckas word is bond"
They he yells at the 16 year old girl talking shit to him and everyone laughs.
Nothing about that situation is even remotely funny though because said grown man and teenage girl are most likely sexually involved with each other.
Kids these days.

Then at like 1030 when we get on the bus (yes I take the bus to bars)
there are these two little girls talking about therapy!
There is one with long blond hair, not but 10 years old maybe, stomping around the bus acting all dramatic telling stories about her therapist!
I do not know.
Stephanie then suggested that I hire actresses about that age to play she and I and then tape it to commemorate our friendship.
I'm actually really into that.
Sam took some pictures of this experience, maybe one day I will see them.
Then probably share them because what else would I do.
When I'm blogging and I tell these stories, I realize I'm talking to myself because there is no way this is interesting to anyone else.
Maybe if you are lying in a hospital bed and the TV is broken and no ones come to visit you and you have a slight brain injury.
But aside from that I realize how non amazing these accounts are.
But its all in the deets.

Anyway, taking the bus to the Fish.
Olivia is waiting for us looking like this:

When I look at this all I can think of is a younger super hot version of Anna Wintour.

I think Liv just has a truly winning I Hate You face.
Its great!

Speaking of amazing faces I think Dan might secretly actually be Jerry Seinfeld.
And Ben might be a Peanuts cartoon.

And Rafi might be what joyous nerd dreams are made of.
And Stephanie might be a favor doing yet strangely skeptical mouse in an animated childrens film.

And I realize you don't like this picture Olivia but gal pals laying in a booth together nuzzling is just not going to be omitted.
It has to be seen.

I need to drink some Gatorade and Maalox so I can go have some beers at Jeylans.
Bbq on October 10th?
Sure why not.

PS Gatorade and Maalox drank separately not together.

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i actually teared up just reading the DT story.