Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hey get a life hag

Very Important Information:

New Moon in Scorpio
Tuesday, October 28, 4:14 pm PDT, 7:14 pm EDT

Powerful feelings are stirred by the New Moon in passionate Scorpio. But these intense emotions can be buried so deeply that their cause may not be immediately obvious. You may have desires that you are unwilling to express or fears you don't want to face. Perhaps you want to cut someone out of your life, leave a job or radically change yourself. Satisfaction will come from admitting what you want most and recognizing the price you have to pay to get it.

No this is not my personal guidance, I only trust the tip-off from the hilariously cliche astrological guru, Rick Levine.

On another note, I am falling into the nerd hole.
Last night I spent I don't know, maybe an hour looking at comic strips online.
Do you want to see my favorites??
They are from something called F-, which I did not know about until TallyDead showed me.
Literal LOL sesh

I mean...Really.
Something might be happening to me I don't know what but any shell of aloof coolness is dissipating.
If I become a cat lady, blogging and laughing to myself reading newspaper comics, mastering sudoku and experimenting on stews with my crock pot (yes I really have one)
you can all just forget about me.
I will sort of understand.
The best part will be if I switch from Marlboros to Virginia Slims.
Actually if I'm being totally honest I should admit I'm also spending a good amount of time on the Lolcats site.
Its where I found this little piece of heaven.

Coincidence or not that I went to Kmart today and saw this?

If anyone ever catches me in a long nightie shirt starring Tweety Bird as a rock star, shoot me in the face.
Its the final straw really.

To counteract this blog, I am going to have to do something amazingly hip and chichi tonight.
What that even means I have no idea.
But it will be the things legends are made of.

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