Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cabin Feevs.

Ask me.
Are you still sick?
Lil bit, lil bit.
Still having sinus dramatics, endless headache, etcetera.
BUT. Good news hip hoppers.
I found super penicillin mega cure in a drawer in my room. Oh, old prescriptions, how you shine light in the darkness.

So I've been in the CaveShip (the GypsyDen becomes the CaveShip starting in October, and sorta transitions into the DeadLogCabin by winter)
I've been watching many movies, mostly with a certain someone who falls asleep before the opening credits have been completed. (its more cute/endearing then it sounds)

The most amazing re-discovery was this:

A) Mark Dubs is so gross in this movie. He whispers everything for the first hour, then starts the screaming so we all know hes a murderous freak.
B) the above statement does not take away from the fact that he is a total piece of foxtail and I would hit it. BUT, I would probably be annoyed that he is sort of prettier than me and I would def make him wear a muzzle. His "lemme sweet talk you, guuurl" voice is horrifying.
C) 1996 was a great year for music fashion and cheeseballness.
D) this movie is way up there on the list of things I could watch weekly and conitnue to sweat a little bit.
E) the fingering on the roller coaster scene? Totes classic. And weird. Hey, remember when we were 16??? It was so awesomely bad! Miss you, 16!

Also, I tried to watch Tropic of Thunder but ended up switching to this:

Some things about it were funny, such as the premise???
Also the cast is pretty dreamy.
I don't recommend this movie unless you are under the influence of something, or you're really really open in terms of free time.
But I will watch anything where Will Arnett makes an appearance, so there you go.
I wish I could be the baby inside Amy Poehlers belly so I could spend my life with the two of them.
But, the problem with that is, I want to make sweet love to Will Arnett.
Can't really do that when you're literally his baby.
So no.
I maybe want to just die and be the ghost that haunts their house. Just watch them be funny and cute all day.
Or the simplest thing we be if I just saw them eating dinner one day and was sitting at the table next t them and they were like "Hey that girl seems as UNBELIEVABLY amusing as we are, she should join us!"
Then I would, and it would be hours and hours of pure golden laughter, then Poehls would be like "Hey, you know, I have a great idea. Would you mind making out with my husband for a few hours, I have to return some tapes. Theeeinks!"
Then I would.
It would be perfect!

Don't front I belong right there with them. Yes, i really do.

It's the Final Countdown.

I also watched Monster yesterday which is CRAZY because today is the anniversary of Aileen Wuournos being put to death.
No I am not kidding, yes I am a psychic and totally in tune with the cosmos.
Big deal.

I have hardly set foot in the streets this week, so right after this I think I have to go on a very long bike ride to cure myself. I need to breathe air that I don't share with my cats. They are really cramping my personal space right now.



This guy is one of the tellers at the Chase bank nearby.
His name tag says Jacky Chan.
I like that a lot.


Jeylanjim and I have been doing this for awhile and are always too drunk to photograph it.
Its our hair twisted together and its called Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch.
Its very gay and you're also jealous.
You should be.


Lil Frankies is maybe the only place I've been out socially in weeks.
That is weird to me.
J has been in rare form.
Those pictures were taken about 30 seconds apart.
Wow your state of existence is so quickly altered.
Good times all around.
Its kind of a mixture between weirdest thing ever and most awesome thing ever to hang out with "co-workers" at your "bosses" bar.
I feel like I live in a sitcom.
That would obviously have to air on FX or something.
Throw this one if for good measure:

This nutbag made me a Grey Goose and soda when I asked for a Stoli and soda.
When I told her I'm allergic to Grey Goose because its made from a different kind of wheat, she laughed in my face and basically told me to shut up and drink it.
OK then barkeep, thanks for the concern.
You get a pass simply for being awesome, no other reason.
That and the free booze.

I have to go ride my bike right this second.
Goodbye for now blog.

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Annabelle said...


My favorite part about that movie is when he's trying to be let into the house and you can see him throught he peephole and he FREAKS out and is like NOWLETMETHEFUCKIN!!!!!!