Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hi we went to high school together?


This is how I follow up on my blog about proving to myself I'm not a raging loser.

I started drinking these around dinner time.
Dinner for me was bread.
I'm not anorexic I'm just impatient.

Zack wore a drug rug and told us about some videos of a Obama/McCain dance off on youtube.
It was really good.
But its also really telling about our generation that a group of friends sat in an office in front of a big computer screen watching things happen to other people.
Fake things.
Its possible that in 50 years humans will not even have a voice box.
They will just text everything and look at screens all day.
They will have lightening fast fingers.

Jeylan got mad at me for asking her if she got her fingerless gloves at Hot Topic.
I would like to venture a guess as to why they are fingerless.
She has to be ready to text someone at any second.

Conrad spent most of his time pretending that we were ON AIR (I feel like those words together always have to be in caps) and touching his phone.
I don't understand you reckless people, you "I don't need a cover for my iPhone" people.
I'm sorry, I've dropped mine maybe 3 times and I gasped. Audibly. With a terrible fear in my heart.
And I have a cover. Engulfing the gadget entirely.

Oh Pam

Its fine to be drunk at 10pm on a Wednesday.
It is not fine to apologize to your friend about the Hot Topic comment by lady molesting her in the back of the fish.
I look like a turtle.
The black guy behind us looks like Teddy Becks.
Jeylan looks like she accepts my apology.

Lets use this phone to check our heart rates.
Oh great idea.
And super necessary.

How nice yellow roses on the bar.

Smells good.

Great job ruining the magic.

Somewhere around this time I say something the bartender doesn't like and he informs me that he has the right to refuse to serve me.
OK thanks.
Just one less tip for you my friend.
Also, Hi Hater!

Thank god Stephanie and Olivia and Dan came back so I would have someone to complain to.
And someone to go buy me a drink!

Then I bought a painting outside for 45 dollars.
I don't regret it.

This is not how I remember things but it looks cute and fun

Lil shuteye

I ate lentil soup and vegetarian buffalo wings at 1am.
I'm a really healthy late night eater.
Just another great thing about me.


Anonymous said...

There is no "afterlife." Sorry, this is all you get.

Krissy said...

hi anonymous!
thanks for the (bullshit) tip!