Saturday, October 18, 2008

super fire trot its so team tattoo

The past couple of days have been a spiritual black and white cookie.
Wonderful things happened and terrible unsightly things happened.
(PS for me its the white frosting side that is horrible)
I traveled away from the city with the autumn breeze like
hey see you later love you!

Liv and I drank our cans of Modelo sitting out on the deck

these people and their blackberries.

I was amazingly underdressed and had to borrow the cloak.
Speaking of the cloak
all you fashionistas can buy one HERE
Shout out to a very talented friend.
She sews up storms of sexual innocence and intrigue!

Boat Spy.

The moon looked like a firecracker and the other boats going by far away from us looked like something out of a painting.
So the travel began well.

Its really important when you arrive in Jersey in the fall to make fires as soon as you get there.

I used to have this curse that fires went out when I got too close.
Its because I lack the patience to allow a good kindling to happen.
Oh I let this little baby kindle.
I took it to class.
What class is that Krissy?

Liv and I had ladytalktime on the swing and got a little drunk and it was basically exactly how I see myself at 45.
Only I will probably be smarter at 45 and less inclined to discuss men for 2 hours straight.
I'm hoping we will talk more about the nice breeze and our kids being geniuses and the work we're having done to the kitchen.
I don't care where I am doing this, I would certainly hope Manhattan but I'm not a god damn Rockefeller. Who knows though.
We had to get up early to thrift so we ate doritos and went to bed.

Went to this church organized spot, St Agnes Thrift and I have to say Agnes is my galpal.
We found some gems.

These mittens??
Are you kidding?
Hi heaven, your fuzzy hand warming creatures are here.
I got a cloak that smells like pastures. And other awesome things.

Tbones came in later in the day.
We did movie afternoon and I sort of can't believe none of us knew about this shit:

Two saucy little tweens living in the east village with their awkward ass parents in 1984.
Everything about this movie is hilarious and weird.
Especially the fact that the girl who stars in it...her real name is RAINBOW HARVEST.
You can not make things like this up.
I highly recommend.

Went to pick up Stephanie and Lucy.
I spent a lot of time in the last two days driving back and forth to the ferry landing.
yes I called it a landing.
Its the proper term.
Fuck you.
On the drive back I told her about some young horses I saw walking in a line. It was really amazing it looked like a social behaviour, I don't know if horses have those.
So we decided the band we are starting up is called Teen Horse Walk.

Went home and told Liv and TBones. They weren't that amused.
Until they had some whiskey and wrote a song verse.
Yeah thats what I thought.

More fire obviously only this time betttahhhhh.
Bones in the cloak.
It makes its rounds.

I found some magic spirits.
They came out of the giant yard candle.

That made us want to write a song.
Its pretty good if you ask me.

Bones was a little shy about songwriting.
But I told her she can talk about rainbows and nature all she wants.
No rules in Teen Horse Walk.

Liv spent a fair amount of time doing things to her camera.
But then she wrote RIDE THE MOON on our song paper and made a little arrow saying "this goes here!" which is both cute and epic.
Its a hit in my heart.

The fire was blue.

Eventually you use all the wood and your ipod speakers die so you have to go inside.
And do this.

My mothers neighbors hate me.

great job!

Twas a good dance party.
Part of me realizes, I said it was a black and white cookie and I've only talked about greatness.
But the part of that night, the end of it, is too much of my actual real life to ever blog.
But I have a lot of love and that is what matters.
Nothing is ever too fucked up or too hard or not worth it.
So I am going to keep thinking about that!

Leaving the city behind totally is sort of impossible.
There no place you could go where your life won't follow.

In the morning we ate some bagels and moved as slow as you would expect 4 people who consumed probably 2.5 liters of booze to move.
Then we went to the woods.

i want a dress that looks like this leaf

i want a soul that looks like this world

And now I'm home again.
My cats are all in my face and its cold in my room.
I have a bag of laundry that could possibly weigh 75 pounds to put away.
And I miss someone in a way that feels quite melancholy for me.

But I am just going to teen horse walk it out.


Denise said...

ohamazing, but ps ladies i wrote that ride the moon but since liv and i killed the entire bottle of jack maybe our brains were working on the same page and she did too....

hi? said...

ride the moon!

Krissy said...

edit: denise wrote ride the moon. sorry for not being accurate.