Monday, December 10, 2007

So as I previously eluded, actually outright said... here is some astrology info a la this Monday morning. I have to preempt by saying that I looooove Rick Levine, the head astrologer at as well as If you don't know, now ya know. Pick up a book, hes got like 40 of them. No big deal. I swear to my best friend God, Ricky is the shit. Please google his image, I would post it on here but I would rather you look yourself because I'm not your personal photo assembler. Ok, so here's what sexy old Ricky says for all of us today: (its called an overview, do like Monica said and Don't Take It Personal) Damn who misses Monica? I do I do!

12/10/07—This intense day begins with the Moon joining optimistic Jupiter and passionate Pluto the day prior to an intense conjunction between these two powerhouses. We want to be responsible when the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn at 1:50 pm EST, but it may be impossible to settle down and follow through with our commitments as mental Mercury tensely squares erratic Uranus. Although we are restless, self-discipline may help prevent unexpected consequences.

Ok, so I guess being restless is pretty uncool so be on the lookout. When I think restless, I think of the time I went on this nightmare date, and dude took me to the most cliche "I'm edgy" bars and was straight up wearing the La Lohan head band. He looked like a doughy Egyptian Michael Jackson. He had the quasi fat guy walk. Where like, he sways and sticks out his butt like a baseball player. Forget the money, I would NEVER get on the MLB action simply because of their great big asses. Not gettin on tappa yas? Check.

Alls I know is, let's show discipline. After lunch, get on your fuckin bike and ride like you've got the wings of a pheonix basically. Go get a damn job. If you have one, awes. Lets do dinner.
Either that or go make something cool and artsy for me to hang in my opium den of a dining room. I doubt there will ever be a dine situation at that crackhead looking table.

Re: the NEW MOON.
I've got some questions for Rick....aren't new moons supposed to be cleared air and better vibes? Because I have had the doody vibes for about a week now. I think my friends hate me because I have flaked on every plan I had. Public apology: I was a jerk.

So new moon goes like this here:
This New Moon in Sagittarius marks a break from tradition as the desire for change overcomes the desire to stick with comfortable old habits. Finding small ways to experiment reduces the pressure to make radical moves or get locked down in a futile pattern of resistance to the unfolding future. We are entering unfamiliar territory and the rewards of moving through uncharted waters are excitement, freedom and discovery.

Arthur Loureiro, New Moon Spirit 1888

If you usually have eggs benedict, get the omelette. If you usually use Durex, get Rough Riders. At the very least your man will get a laugh out of it, seeing how skank you are. Opportunities for laughter, thats where its at. Let's all throw in and get an old timey clipper ship and sail the seas of Mystery. Aha perfect segue, it was meant to be. I definitely have to chat on this book I am juuuuust about done reading about pick up artists, in particular the one, the only MYSTERY of VH1 "fame." This guy wears heeled biker boots and faux fur cheetah print floppy hats.These guys are the ill homo nerds but they are getting more clam than diggers. True story.

OK, I'm distracted by the rad jazz music my two year old buster is playing on the other side of the room. This kid is a trip. He just said "Listen Krissy it's like Monsters Inc!"
He's definitely holding down the new moon. Thats where its all swirling around in there.
Freedom and discovery.

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