Sunday, December 9, 2007

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So LA Jew Josh says I should be a comedy writer. I disagree because in my opinion its all about the delivery. Gotta be spot on or else its a total waste of material.
I know all of you know the reals, that I perform for you at every chance. Maybe I will start a fight with a guy from L.I. waering laceless euro Pumas.
Maybe I will invent a one in a million catch phrase and wait for you to pick it up. Which will hapen. The only phrase I've had no luck getting popculture love for is "I hear that"
Maybe its too pepaw, I dont really know. Speaking of pepaw, how hot is JN?
Jackie forevs.

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Back to the issue at hand, I love blogs because it means talking shit.
And I can talk shit for days literally.

Today is a new moon. People need to pay attention and read about this shit. No doubt my next blog topic will be astrology. So look out for that.

Before I head to the couch to watch the always poignant "Boiler Room" episode of My So Called Life I just have to say.

Recap of this weekend:

Got ma hair did by a gay named Jose who said "what?" everytime I said anything to him. I promise you I wanted to shove his very own scissors through his fat conversed foot.

Called the cops on my little brother for assaulting me.

Had a dream about a guy I was dating for a hot second and woke up wanting his head on a stick, sort of like in the opening scene of Bram Stoker Dracula. What a rad movie. I would totally have sex with a wolf vampire in a creepy garden. Oy.
Point is, fuck that guy hes a douche.

Went shopping and found the perfect pair of shoes, purple suede mary jane heels. realized my feet are ginorm. got pissed about it. went home empty handed.

Saw a super rad movie, Lars and the Real Girl.
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Go see it. Crying is fun because it makes you feel sensitive. So is laughing. I did both! And Ryan Gosling is a peice if I ever saw one. Although he could use some tattoos and a drinking problem. How dreamy would that be.
This is one of those things where youre like wow people are fucking WEIRD.
Then you realize that just a few hours before you were listening to Al Green alone in your room wearing brown knee socks and boys underwear. And a hat. Because you would rather wear a hat than pants. And theres no way youre turning the heater on. What a waste of money.
Anyway this movie is basically about being a super creep but you know what your people love you. Because youre special. And its cool to do weird shit because its human, and being a human obviously rules. imagine being a fish or something. Grossness.

Who cares. I just got an email that I am going to be an auntie again.
Congrats to me!
Congrats to my big sister Lizzy its about god damn time.

Lovin you God.
I wanna get on tappa yas.

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