Sunday, December 16, 2007

Put on your scuba gear.

Cause shits about to get deep.
So last night I met Pam at the bus stop so we could go get food and dvds for the night.
We ate some Crown Chicken and ice cream and left over Pakistani food and pink frosted sugar cookies. Well, I ate most of it.
Then we smoked a few "cigarettes" and watched Zodiac. That shit confused me. I have trouble making pasta after a "cigarette"or two, nevermind solving an epic cryptic modern crime.
Then Pam and I needed a lil break so we watched the bloopers from Anchorman.
The human torch was denied a bank loan.

Then we took some fantastic bath tub adventure photos which i'm sure are more toddleresque than sexy.
I rolled around for awhile and laughed at the fact that I'm scared to get water in my eyes. I hope Pam thought it was funny too, probably just annoying for her actually. She kept telling me to put my head under and have mermaid hair. Listen, i'm not your puppet, my hair definitely does its own thing. But it was great. All of it.

After that we watched Rescue Dawn. That shit is sad.

Christian Bale's mouth to me is like heaven. Just the way he talks is Krissy hypnosis. I definitely wish I was making out with him later today.
Or just put my fingers in his mouth?
Or watch him talk for a few hours.
All of the above is creepy.
But true story.
He's an Aquarius. Go figure.

So the point is, all that cigarette smoking got me to thinking. Aristotle was basically the first guy to use the medical term "cathartic" to describe emotions...not just in the medical sense of purging oneself.
He used the term to say "this or that is cathartic...I can be purged, cleansed, reborn" Basically.
I mean, the origin, use, and intent of the word itself would be impossible to really get into on some shitty little blog, but to sum up.
Mixing the mary-juana cigarettes, a big bathtub, and your best friend it pretty fucking cathartic if you ask me.

I swear to my friend God, that if you dunk your head under enough times and you're really really really quiet, you can come up a baby again! And this time, you don't even have to cry because you've already got the face of a friend right there in front of you.
Those of you without tubs, you're welcome to come over and try it out in mine. I'm so seriouslah.

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