Saturday, December 15, 2007


I tried to stay away.
i had a killer hangover all day yesterday, it was all the sugar in rum and cokes. Nast.
So I got some pepto bis and sucked it up. I finally got to wear my boob dress, I'm super proud of myself for showing off my rack for once.
So off to BK again I was, Sam Nicole Murph and I got a driver who had no idea which way was up basically. first day on the job. it took seriously 25 minutes to get to Park Slope. Bullshit I tell you.
But Steph had laid out the goods for the holiday and I was super stoked on her brownies. YUM? Yeah.
So I got nicely shitty and hung out with fantastic people, I missed seeing ladies like Biancanater and Kaitlin AKA cutest person ever to live. Neckface was sick and blamed it on AIDS. I invented a new word, Sniffalis. (aherm syphillis)
Farmer needed a shower and Stephanie was bouncing off the goddamn walls. Nothing new.
There was a super hot Asian there who looked like Ruffio from Hook. That was rad. RU-FI-OOOOOOOOO!
Jiwon brought her very loud dog Frankie and Corrine the Jew had Merry XMas bling on. Isn't she racy?!
Rafael took a picture I would really like to get my hands on of all of us ladies with pipe cleaner mustaches. For some reason I had a brownie mustache. That sounds gross but it's totally not. I ate it and Bianca said I'm disgusting. Shut up Bianca.
Then Polish Thunder Supermodel Adrian and i took off to find a dance floor back on the island. I think our goal was 205 or something equally gayish but we ended up eating amazing Pakistani food with smelly cabbies on Crosby. YUM.
Adrian is THE perfect gentlemen, fellers take a lesson. Not only is he a total piece of ass, but he's super sweet and smart. And has fantastic manners.
We strolled and saw a very homo dance party going on in some giant loft with floor to ceiling windows. The door to the building was wide open so we crashed and danced like Europeans for awhile.
There were empty bottles everywhere but not a drop to drink. Bullshit. Who cares it was a dope spot and they played a few of my jams. Adrian loves dancing more than any dude I know. At one point he did a pick me up spin me around move which was totally 80s teen movie of him. What a fucking trip he is. Lub it.
Anyway we passed out at some point and all is well in the morning. I drank mad Gatorade. RIP my dude, I wanna get on tappa yas!
Dr Robert Cade foreva

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