Monday, December 10, 2007

"First Item on the Docket"

One of my best friends is really cute, her name is Sam. Hi Sam.
One of my favorite things is hearing Sam laugh at me. Partly because her laugh is rad, and partly because she prompts me to be awesome naturally.
Sometimes we go places and do things, and 9 times out of 10 I embarrass her. But by the sound of the following video, she secretly loves it and her laugher rings in my ears like hells bells. Or heavens bells, whichever sounds more complimentary.

Finding this video amongst the shit overrunning my computer, I found it to be something I want to share. It was last spring, before my awesome niece Kayla Lilly Miller was birthed. Me and Sam aka Pam went on a little trip to ATL to visit fat preggo Kate. Whatever, she looked fucking cute. Note the tank top stating: "I can grow people"
The sour puss is probably because me and Sam drank giant Texas margaritas while Kate looked on longingly. Ugh pregnancy what a hassle.

Anyway, the video was from Babies R Us. That store has everything. Super rocking chairs, tiny furniture, slutty baby clothes, creepy toys, etcetera.
Now my booski Kiki Kayla is 6 months old and shes a doll and a half. She basically looks exactly like her dad who's a Good Ole Boy. They have the same hokey lazy eye. So weird and cute. She also looks just like Kate, let's hope she doesn't act like her cause my sister was an absolute tyrant. True story.
Point being....helloooooo? How did it get to be almost holiday-fam-get-together-time and how cute is that intensely magical hair tuft? Psht.

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