Monday, December 17, 2007


My family is amazing.
I had dinner with my Uncle Brian. He is an actual leprechaun. He exists somewhere between life and death, gold and shit, real and unreal. It's pretty unfathomable.

He came in from Hotlanta for the day for work, and kindly put aside some time for me in the dirty dirty LES.
We always have such a lovely time just talking and laughing and wondering what will happen to us.
He's an earth sign too, a Capricorn, and I think thats what makes it all so excellent. He's a genius with booze in his blood just like me, and it makes life so utterly strange to I bugging from the bottle, or is shit REALLY this intense??
He told me a story about when I was just a wee one and i sat on his lap and he knew we were buddies for life.
Thats what Im talkin bout.

He just published a book about the universe. It's called Small Things by Mr Brian Hoffman. He gave me the first copy as a gift. When I opened it, the first thing I thought was...oh my god....Electric Company comes alive. Also, I am not alone. Serio. Big time.

This shit is so epic, I'm not even sure how to describe it. This man is one of my greatest inspirations, and my confidant.
Anyway, we went to get some drink and dinner at Good World around the corner. Stoli for me, and red wine for my fav uncle.
We talked about the struggle of the intelligent. I was pleasantly surprised to find out next year we may very well be traveling to Reykjavik together for a delve into the new and undiscovered. What a doll.
PS I'll be begging for a place to stay, Jette and my baby girl AURORA xoxoxoxoxo
Life is about change and the comfort of the known all at the exact same time. Get used to it, it is quite unavoidable my friends.
Love you fam.
Gettin on tappa yas asap.

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