Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fam II

Fam is fun no shit yea?
My brother Sean is 18 years old. He has a Led Zep den filled with super late 60s shit. Samma shot some photos in there in front of the giant Jim Morrison poster. Nudes obv. I'm willing to bet Sean hates the idea of that.
Sean hates me because I'm his sister. No big deal I'm over it.
Sometimes my sister hates me because I'm not married and I'm a wackadoo.
It's crazy to be the wilin 20 something in NYC with nothing to show and a dumb nieve outlook.
Truth is, I love my people always.
This blog isn't that funny so don't be bummed.
It's just something that needs to be out there.
Tell your blood you love them as much as you can.
The whole "life is short" thing may be total propaganda but what isn't?
Love you fam.

One time my sister threw a giant tape dispenser at my head. She has also dumped a pitcher of juice on my head. Wait, then again, she has also barred me from her life for telling her not to get married.
Another time my brother told me I'm a whore dyke and locked me out in the cold. He also yelled at me many a time for embarrassing him at his little high school swarees.
The rad thing is, I laugh and I know it's just talk. There is no way to say how amazing it is to sit in your mums kitchen drinking vodka and laughing about some old shit only yall know.
Like that time we __________________
and that time we ___________________
ahahahaha you wish that shit was public.
Nothing like an inside joke to make people feel peanut butter and jealz!
Any of you reading this now, you're my fam too thats the truth.
Heart balloons and drinks for evrybaaaady.
Gettin an tappa theeeat asap.

PS jerseys whack!
New Years Eve Slick Rick see you there suckas