Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thats what she said

I got sick thank you very much a certain someone gave me germs.

So yeah I went out anyway for a quiet evening of kareOKAY at Chiaras.
I drank too much.
I say that once a week. Last night was the once. Bad sentence structure.

So yeah, Bianca is the kareokay gestapo, she has to control things probably because she is a good singer and wants it to be totes sers. (serious) I think that abbreviation sucks.
I am losing my voice so I sang male vocals. Yup. I also tried to sing Brick House because it is my moms cell phone ring and that fucking grosses me out.
Moving on.
Best part of kareokay was singing Proud Mary. During the instrumental bridge there is this little graphic on the screen of a guy playing guitar.
Chiara: Hey that guy looks like Conan O Brien
Steph: Hey lets sing Conan instead of rollin
Everyone: Good idea.

"Conan....Conan.....Conan O Briennnnnnnn"
(replacing rollin....rollin....rollin on a rivahhhhhh)
Good call guys.

i don't know what is going on here but Chiara's apartment is really pretty.

Raphael can not rap. Its really sad. He can't even really rap Because I Got High which is basically slow enough that STONED PEOPLE can sing it. But Raphael makes up for it with effort and charm.
Chiara does a mean Ludacris.
Some parts of DoWop(that thing) are really hard to sing when you are drinking.
Side note: The song Peaches and Cream is disgusting. They actually say something along the lines of "girls represent your clits." Um. Okay?

Blah Blah.

This is Bianca on the bus. This is the only face she ever makes at me. I mean it.

So we went to Supreme Trading for a minute for some Chief party and I hadnt been there in ages. I thought the dj was fucking AWWWWful for awhile but he redeemed himself by playing dancing drunk girl jams. I like dancing. I really really really do. I also hate the way most white people dance at bars. They overuse the Flail. Stop flailing.
Andy was there. I like to see Andy because he reminds me of someone who should be famous for something but isn't. And thats interesting to me. Point made.

We went to Union Pool for awhile to get unbored i think.
I really love my friends in brooklyn but why do men there dress like such assholes?
Biancas friend came over to say hello, I thought he was a stranger. He had a greasy old timey moustache like a prospector (yesss)
So natch, I say Hey go twist your fucking mustache and laugh HYSTERICALLY at myself. This is why I should be kept at home.
Then Steph and I imitated both Laura Dern and the velociraptors from Jurassic Park.
We did lots of jumping. Onto both Rapael and Bianca. Bianca does not like this. There is room outside for all of these thing at Union Pool. That is a plus.
I think Felicia tried to gently tell me that I drink too much.
Oh Felicia, thats cute.

I wish I had the pictures of this but I was too busy having fun to stop and document it. Take note people who need to photograph everything: you are a dbag and there is no way you are doing anything cool ifyou have the ability to photo it and look pretty. Just wanted to throw that out there.

So I made a hot mess of myself and Felicia and Chiara and Bianca and Ruffio and that guy Felicia hangs out with who looks like maybe hes a cool skydiver all left.

The night ended at some diner and I embarrassed Stephanie once again. We must play our roles.

I ate alot and talked to some hood fellas who looked about 16 but tried to get cute with me anyway. Nice try young buck. Get to class.Psht.
We called LA Jew Jash to tell him someone needs to get on tappa his cayck.

4 in the morning is a very funny time.

Raffie like butts.

My new roommate is going to hate me for being sick and blowing my nose way too audibly.

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