Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hit Me Up On My MuthaFuckin MahSpace.

The downfall of society is in young white women who hate themselves.
Imitation of ghetto speak does not make you an honorary black person, it makes you a bigot and a fool.
Racism at its very darkest is found in horrible imitation.
The assumption of young foolish white girls that black people are only violent angry and poorly spoken is a bit too widespread for my liking.
I have never been black, at least not in this life, but I will assume that people like this are absolutely the most disgusting annoying site. If I ever meet this girl I will first laugh, then cry, then throw her in a dumpster because that is the only place she could ever feel at rest. Amongst hot stinking garbage.
Her ignorance is sickening, especially due to the fact that we Americans are blessed with at least a decent education from the age of 5 years old. I would guess she is about 14 maybe 15, so despite nearly a decade of guidance in the English language, she can not seem to get out a single word without fucking it up. Good job.
Her meth face scares me and I think I should stop talking about her before she haunts my sweet sweet sleep with her agonizing voice and lazy eyelids.

That being said, I have known plenty of girls like this and I hope they all wake up at some point.
Yes, I get it, you obviously hate yourself. Congrats, we all hate you too.
And we are all laughing.

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Steven J Golliday said...

Hola. I came to your blog by way of my good friend Josh Stone. I must say that I feel you incredibly on the subject. I'm black, and I find it particularly annoying and sad when youngish white girls think it's cute or entertaining to engage in minstrelsy. In general it is appauling. However, I also have to contend that there are white people who live in the "ghetto" or "hood", who speak with that certain twang and diction that is often associated with the said areas. I grew up in Long Beach and LA and I've known many such folks throughout my life. The girl in this video seems to be faking hard, and for me the greatest disservice that she commits is towards a very marginalized and overlooked group of white Americans. What about the 'hood white folks?