Saturday, February 9, 2008

My name is you

I stumbled across something pretty amazing this morning.
There is a bar called No Idea. Apparently they have a one legged bartender?
Not the point.
The point is they have a calendar for every month. On each day, there is a first name posted. If thats your name, you drink FREE for SIX HOURS. Yeah. 5-11 pm. Side Note: They make their mixed drinks in pint glasses.
Meaning you might end up tongue bathing old one leggy before you leave.

This month:

A few dear pals of my happen to have their names on there.
That means lets do this.

I am in Jers about to go buy wool socks and Target unneccesaries with my mum, so my tales of Thursday night at old haggard 205 will have to wait until later. Totes worth it.

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