Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am watching your emotions.

Not sure why it's fiercely snowing right now, but it totally is.
Today has been super weird, so it works I guess.

Side note: Scott is officially the worst guest blogger in history. Also, laserbeams. Not lazerbeams. What a nut.
But sometimes I feel like two peas in a pod.

Here is the other pea, but he was not in the pod last night.
I guess we podded Thursday. Podded!
Hi Gary I heart you daily.

Wait, there is too much going on.
Corrine's 90s karaoke party was last night. First things first.
iBop is an awesome place.
I really wish i had pictures.
That's a hint, friends who did take pictures.
My favorite part was singing Mr. Big with Chiara.

I don't really have anything funny to say about it, it was just a nice party.
Until I went outside to smoke with Rafael and some drunk lady from Philly with horrendous eye makeup attacked my brain.
She started telling me about a fat lady yelling at her and how much she loves Peyton Manning and getting kicked out of the bar for sitting next to someones boyfriend. I said they probably kicked her out for getting into everyones face and she literally moved CLOSER to my face, breathed her fumes on me, and was like "NOOOOOOOO MAN. NOOOO WAY."
Then she hugged the shit out of me, told me she loved me, and went back into the bar.
She wore no coat.
Crazy keeps you super cozy warm in the winter.

So thats around the time I decided to go see Mr Alger. That was fun too.
Chatty chat chat.
Then Ari/Arlo/Arla/Aaron stopped by and he and Scott blew my mind with their weirdness for a few hours.
I think I made them listen to Radiohead for a long time. Ari put on some trance shit and I almost fell off of the cliff that doesn't exist. Trance? The word, not even the music, hurts my soul just knowing it exists. It's like crappy black magic for nerds or pillheads.
Striking fear into my heart!

We went to Pathmark for pastries and kosher meats. That is not a joke, its just one of the activities we partook in.
I wanted to watch Pride and Predjudice but I think that would have been too gay.
So I read Ar dogs cards instead. He was quizzical about it. I was drunk.
I think I had lots of fun yesterday in general.
But today my brain hurts.
Tried to do brunch at the diner and it didn't work so we just ate 2 bites and left. Then we stood by the statue in Ctown of that drug fighter chinese guy Lao Xe Zu or whatever. And watched the dragons come in the parade.
Then there were some drums which I liked, and a dude wearing normal clothes carrying a sign that said Happy New Year from your local assemblyman Mr Blah Blah.
Then 20 steps behind, Mr Blah Blah and his wife walked and waved like we know who they are. It was really old timey. I think they had corsages on. Cute alert.

Then I saw this sign. And it is now and always will be the greatest thing I have ever seen.

The End.

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