Thursday, February 7, 2008


That chickenscratch says happy new year in Chinese!
Dragons that look like dogs (Falcor?) shitty parades and wet streamers in the gutter!
Who could ask for more?!

I would like to take a moment to say that I fucking love my neighborhood, despite all of the loogeying and nonsensical screaming. Chinese people are more hilarious than anyone else I know. They are so uncouth that they make me look like a virginal Victorian belle. I am never let down. There are 300 year old Chinese women wearing house slippers and polyester short sleeve tops in the dead of winter. There are stores on every corner selling 48 packs of sandpaper to wipe your ass with. They call it toilet tissue. It is hilarious and comforting to know that there is an alternate universe where you can get into street fights over heineken-fueled battles of mahjong. On a Monday night. In the street. Natch!

Matter of fact I am drinking one right now in honor. Cheers.

There are at least a hundred Dragonball Z! styled Asian teens in the "internet cafe" next door at all times. Seeing them chain smoke in front of their tricked out Hondas is something I come to look forward to. Bless you, anime.

Actually, that shit is Japanese, no?
It doesn't matter, it's all about the haircuts.
Gotta catchem allllll!!! Poke mon!

Another rad/gross phenomenon of the Chinese New Year is that it sends out some weird signal to the gods of the seagulls because they come SWARMING in like homing pidgies. I swear to bf G.D. this is what I saw when I got off the bus yes I take the bus lots of people take the bus get with it

This does absolutely no justice.

Aside from that, there are many things to discuss but absolutely no time in the day.
I have really important things to do like watch season 1 of Lost.
Sorry asshole, I don't watch enough tv to be caught up, I have never seen the shit before a few days ago, and its intense. I'm so with the theory that its purgatory or something.
That was very watercooler 2005 right there.

I'm just gonna sidle over there to talk to those culturally retarded folks about "electric cars" and "the information superhighway"

Year of the reeeat!
Can't tap theeeat!

rat gangs!

pictures to come after Sunday's dirt parade!!

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