Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ugh I hate you guys.
These are the things I apologize for regarding last night:

1. humpdancing on an disinterested Chiara.
2. trying to force Felicia to take her shirt off.
3. slapping Andy in the face.
4. harrassing two hot lesbians for cigarette after they clearly stated they don't smoke.
5. telling that fat guy in the bathroom that I'm allowed in the men's room because I don't like the ladies room line. It's long and slow. I yelled this through the stall door whilst peeing. He was such an asshole with his stupid fat guy hip blazer.
Whatever, I actually don't apologize to him.
5 and a half. embarrassing Steph by existing.
6. accidentally leaving Katie in BK alone after retardedly assuming she was with Bianca. Why would she be with Beebs? Dunno. Boozebrains.
7. telling Beebs not to worry about getting hit on by girls at Hugs,she looks too homely to be a lesbian.
I seriously didn't mean it like that.
8. i also apologize for wearing a tube dress with Mexican bling and motorcycle boots.

Your favorite Penis, Kristeenis

Totally superbowl.

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