Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Align your shit!

The general concensus re: February is that it's awful.
All of my friends (I have so many that I can generalize the world population based on their feelings)
are very ho-hum about this month.
It's just not happening. It's the opposite of happening. This month is like 28 Tuesdays all in a row plus lost keys, constant gas, guilt trips, cry fests, losing a fist fight to a midget, and getting dumped every night by your lover. Awes. BFD.

Don't fret my little chicadees, I think it's going to get a little better.
Today is the new moon, thats always a good thing. Good time for making desicions because your logic is as tops as it's gonna get. Yay!

It's technically not a new moon til tonight rocket scientists.
We all still have a few hours to collect ourselves and get our shit in line.
I really hope the awes NYC weather united with cosmic hotness makes life into a pile of steaming butter pancakes with a side of sexual healing and peaceful mind.


New Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, February 6, 7:45 pm PST, 10:45 pm EST

The innovative New Moon in Aquarius brings fresh ideas reminding us that we belong to a global community. Initiating friendships and group projects is a natural inclination now, but letting go of individuals and expectations may come first. That's because this Sun-Moon conjunction is a Solar Eclipse that draws the curtain on outdated ideals and illusions. Dreamy Neptune, mental Mercury and compassionate Chiron are closely conjunct this lunation, making it a rich moment to change your intellectual scenery and alter your place in the community. Release those people and causes that are more mouth than movement, and withdraw from organizations where you find yourself turning in circles. Newly direct Mars is harmoniously aligned with the Aquarian cluster opening fresh paths of inspiration and activity

Draw the curtain on outdated ideals and illusions!
Stop fronting on the cosmos.

Get on tappa that Aquarian cluster!
And no i don't mean those 4 strippers you met afterhours outside Lit waiting for the bus.

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