Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh hai.

The last few days here in Jersey I have heard two sentences on constant repeat courtesy of my glorious niece.

1. "Mahhhhn Tittay!" Mahhhn Tittay!" (C'mon Kitty! C'mon Kitty!)
2. " Hold Juuu Tissy/Mommy/Gammah!" (translates to a request that either Aunt Krissy/Mommy/or Grandma pick Kayla up and hold her)

Also requests for chocolate milk, Elmo dvds, candy canes, and Uncle Sean.
Also denials of having poop in her diaper.

Its amazing.
Someone please make me one year old again.

* n nv v

*thats her addition to the post

It's nearly bedtime so feast your eyes on my new overalls if you want to have the sweetest dreams ev.
I will really truly have a next level semblance come spring.

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