Friday, December 5, 2008

change jar overfloweth

Few unrelated things.

First of all, I use my neti pot twice a day.
Is that excessive?
Could it totally backfire? I don't think so but then again I didn't think anything would happen when I became addicted to nasal spray either.
I really think I have some obsession with shooting things up my nose.
You can take that however you want, if you want to go the illegal white powdery drug way, fine. Whatever. No one is immune to that shit, its like if you could combine the sensation of eating 48 sour patch kids while watching a laser light show sitting on a vibrating chair after drinking 5 cups of coffee and laughing until you could not breathe. All at once. Then maybe add in getting slapped on the ass unexpectedly.
Aside from that, I love the idea of IMPROVING my sinuses.
They have been so so awful for so many years.
Maybe saline will be the solution.
A saline solution!
Oh my god I'm the best.

Next thing.
My two favorite actresses. Both named Kate. (Winslet and Blanchett)
Lets talk about Winslet.
She is starring in the film version of one of my favorite books, The Reader.
Its basically Lolita flipped around.
A cold hearted older woman starts a fucky fuck on the down low relash with a teenage boy. The best part is, about halfway thru the novel you find out she has....drumroll...a SECRET!
I. Love. Secrets.
Its really good, I advise you pick it up.
You could actually borrow it from me if you have a good book to trade.
Yay trades!
Anyway, Katie Wins (we are friends in my mind) looks like my lesbian dream these days.
I bet she smells amazingly comforting, like body sweat plus something floral plus a gentle breath mint.
She is such a killer.

This woman is proof that I should definitely continue drawing in my eyebrows a lil bit too dark.
And that I don't really have to get any thinner.
And that being a teensy bit masculine is absurdly hot.
Unless you are Madonna, in that case it is just terrifying.

Other things.
Last night at the Powerhouse Book holiday party.
I spent at least 30 minutes getting hit on by the security guard. Do you understand. In a huge space filled with authors, photographers, editors, etc.
I get hit on by the 40 year old ex Navy guy whos working the door.
He tried to pick me up by asking if I was on my way to grandmas house.
Because I was wearing a plaid wool coat and boots with red laces.
Apparently I looked young and molestable.
Anyway, how weird that Katie picked up a book and it was the Nerve book. Liv and Sam have both shot for them and looky here!
One of Sams photos of Stephanie Portoooooooo!

Later night things.

1. It is really hard to get a cab in windy ass Dumbo.

2. I love Raf and Chiara.

Raf was at the bar getting a beer and Chiara and I are wondering, who's that weird guy hes talking to?
What are they talking about?
Chiara says Oh actually I think that's Bill Murray's son.
Um ok.
Long story short, it is in fact Young Murray.
He wears all black and is funny looking and left with a girl who definitely looked like she has a penis and testicles.
The End!

I like how everytime I see Raf I call him a mulatto.
Part of me knows full well hes a god damn Puerto Rican.
I doubt he thinks its all that funny but he also doesn't seem to mind.

Fact: There is no worse time to have your photo taken than when you are eating a piece of pizza.

Fact: There was a pool shark at Max Fish last night.
Fact number 3: After challenging Raf to a drinking contest, I got one drink at above pictured bar, and walked home.
I am quickly becoming a total faggette.

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