Friday, December 12, 2008

I predict the return of mules.

Blistering cold.
I'm telling you.
I was out in Jersey for 24 hours or so, and taking the ferry back into the city was proof that eskimos/Alaskans/Yukon trail hikers/mountain people are all crazy.
Wind Chill is the bane of my existence right now.
For real, when you are on the water waiting for some rinky ass rusted boat to show up, 5 minutes feels like 5 hours.
My face hurts.
(This is where you say "killing me")

Can you feel the agony when you look at my chappy red hand?
Its mad dark out there at the end of the dock, it looks exactly like the town where the fisherman guy from I Know What You Did Last Summer kills those people.
Such a good movie!
Ew think about those people...Freddie PrinZe Jr, Phillippe the nanny fucker, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and LOVE?

What a disgusting clusterfuck of failure and annoyingness.
That was super mean of me and I meant it just so you know.
But there is something about Gellar, I have to admit. I would put money on the fact that she COULD be a total riot as a drunk.

Have I been neglecting my blog?
Part of that would be the stomach flu (food poisoning?) I came down with late in the week. I won't describe what went on with that.
Yall know.

Anyway, Jersey was just fine, I got my hair did, saw my BFF Nicole Alisha Simons and the ever accidentally comedic Murph.
Oh wait, Nicoles nephew Raymond is the cutest piece of child I've seen (not counting those related to me of course)

Tried to drink a couple of beers last night and found out I am not ready for that yet, post stomach trauma.
Tomorrow I shall rage as no holiday party goer has raged before.
Its going to make up for what a boring girl I've been all week long.
Stephanie's holiday party is pretty classic.
I usually don't remember how I got home.

I have nothing interesting to say right now that is anyones business.
Except please look at the addressee on this piece of mail.

Is it illegal to photograph mail?
I feel like maybe it is for some reason.
Does that make me a total pussy for even wondering?

Anyway did that guys parents loathe him?
Why didn't they just abort?
Or wait until he was born and tattoo 'we will never need or want you' on his head?
Mr Not Vital???
Is this a fucking snow job?

Mommy and daddy Vital are a couple of god damn wisecrackers.

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