Saturday, December 6, 2008

big deal

Just sharing the wealth.
Drank specials!
Listings for bars in the les, east vill, west vill, wburg, midtown (kill yourself) or hells kitchen

I don't even remember how I found this site, but you can text them and they will send you happy hour/drink special texts back.

Am I becoming that person?
Not really, I just need somewhere to go tonight and when all else fails, drown your sorrows in the river of hooch.

I feel like I'm trying to sell something.


Anonymous said...

sweetheart can we hang out vs. blog commenting?

ima call you.

just you wait.



Krissy said...

i totally read this 110% sure it was gonna say Mom at the bottom.
My mom would do that.
totally call me lets totally hang out.
maybe i should say this on your blog not mine.
talking toooo maaaself

TheSchnaz said...


Thanks for the write-up. We appreciate it. Enjoy the happy hours!


Chevon said...

I just love that the Coovents post is tagged under "Discover" and "Drunks."

Coovents Co-Founder