Friday, December 19, 2008

balmy with a chance of awesome

I miss wearing dresses with no tights.
I miss sitting outside to smoke and not wanting to cry about it.

But I will never miss you Samantha because that would mean we would have to be apart first.

Dop I love you too.

Even when you burn all the kitchen implements.
Then buy a timer to remember to turn off the stove so you can stop burning things.
Then you leave the oven on and the timer melts on top of it anyway.
I do love you.

When I'm pissed off I remember days in particular.
Most of them involve feeling like everything is funny.
Everything is worthy.
Everything is fun because you're doing your everythings with your people.
And you get to choose them how amazing is that.

1 comment:

Samantha West said...

This was the night I drank too much whiskey. It was good times. We are adorable.