Thursday, December 18, 2008

I still love Jews

I do.

But I sort of forgot that I will have to blog Christmas spirit.
In photos.

I can think of nothing else that would have made my bus ride more amazing than these two dbags in their ratty costumes.
And passing out.
At 730 pm.

Dear God,
Are a riot.
Kristopher Jones

This is called Berry Christmas.
I just made that up right now.
I like to drink alcohol!
Don't you?!?

I like Stephanie's tree.
Don't you?!?

Men do not care about mistletoe.
This is a fact of life.
They also don't care if you don't shave your legs, as long as you touch their balls a lot and make them feel important, they are absolutely down with whatever.
PS If I was a guy and Corinne was standing under the Mtoe I would definitely give her the tongue.
I'm just that kind of man.

Other kinds of man:

Hi Hater man.

Jim Jones man.

Perfect man.

Raf, you are the light that brightens me darkest hours.
You ridiculous piece of shit.

When I look at this I see this:

If Lucy would have just been laying next to Himes on the couch it all would have been perfect.
And if Sam was a tiny toddler.
And if Himes was green.
And a dick.

Chiara made us all pipe cleaner name ornaments.

Stephanie wore hers.

And spoke in airquotes.

B sang karaoke carols.
And she will definitely not enjoy this picture of her.

Feleesh tried to bring back pipe cleaner mustache Christmas but failed.

In conclusion,
I hate Christmas.
But my gift from Santy Claus that I want is a really long life with my friends who are more fun than yours.

Also I want a new frying pan.

Also I want to still have this body when I'm 40.

And a vainglorious holiday season to you.


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Anonymous said...

HaHA! I was waiting for the zinger under my pic, and all I saw was you talkin' 'bout balls. No really, this just made my very bad week oh so much better. Thanks boo-balls! xxx