Friday, December 12, 2008

Forgot to Mench

Shoutouts for today:

Stupid Simon finally got his blog up, hes only been working on it since the dawn of the internet.
So I guess probably the year he turned...what? 32, 33?
I kid I kid.
He has some excellent content.
He should.
Considering he is the master of all youtube/porn/fake news/fetish sites/obscure band footage/pointless nightlife documentation/social networking on the interweb.
Also definitely the master of Muscle Milk, Energy supplements, and 25 cent toy machines outside of ghetto bodegas.


Katie Orlinsky my sort of family sort of life partner apartment sharer has once again outdone herself.

A giant piece in the New York Times Week In Review!

Her amazing study of the Muxe of Mexico got its deserved props with her beautiful photos (peep the slideshow) and quite the full bodied article to accompany.
PS Even if you hate learning, read this shit anyway because the Muxe are the sassy 'third sex' of the Zapotec people.
If you like Maury Povich you will love this you ignorant sluts.

Shoutout to this blog Stephanie showed me this morning.
I'm jealous I didn't do it first.
And I'm willing to bet me and the person who writes the entries are possibly besties in some alternate universe.

Fuck You, Penguin!

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