Sunday, December 7, 2008


Good Nights Rest.
Not Guns N Roses.

It is really cold.
My cats are darting from the heater to the window to the heater to the window super confused.
Like why is it that when we come over here and look out into the yard...we get frozen and uncomfortable.
They are cats so they don't realize the concept of the heat coming from the heater.
When they walk on me in bed, their frigid paws make me cringe.

Maybe I am overreacting.

The fucked up thing is, there are all kinds of parties coming up for the holidays I guess, so we all have to leave our apartments and put on 12 layers and shake uncontrollably when we have a cigarette break.
Its very stupid, this winter situation.

I went to Brooklyn last night because its really hard to get people who live OUT THERE to come to me.
I'm simply outnumbered.

Chiara's place feels kind of like mine.
It's too big to make much sense and there is stuff everywhere.
Voodoo looking stuff.
Stuff that does not really go with the other stuff that is near it.
But her place is not as falling-apart-war-zone as mine.
So I guess she wins.

Actually I lie.
I'll tell you who wins.
Raf, for looking like Black Nicholson.

PS that remote is out of control.
Oh my god remember that show Remote Control???
It was so good!

Side note: Colin Quinn was weird on that show, also he was weird that time he asked me on a date on the N train. I don't care if you think thats gross, he is still sort of hot and also funny.

What was that record I was looking foooooor.....?

Ah here it is

Elliot is hiding behind the behinds.
Hes probably secretly smelling the back cover.
I'm sure hes not.

Or is he.

I want to submit this to Martha Stewart to top the alltime list of "Good Things."

Hi Naomi Newt.

May I have some of this lemon?
Yes but don't pierce it and pose in the doorway like that ever again.

I'm pretty sure that someone in the room makes this face every time I open my mouth.

I make a horrible magic mushroom.
But I got those Levis for 8 dollars.

I tried to get them to come back to the city with me but they basically laughed in my face.
The tables have turned haven't they.
Those tables and their turning.
I'm going to show those tables.

Anyway I got too drunk and spent 30 dollars total on car services, then 5 dollars on the BEST SANDWICH I HAVE EVER EATEN and 3 dollars on a bag of chips. I would like to go on record saying that a turkey sanwich with munster cheese shredded lettuce and tomato (light on the mayo) on a HOAGIE is possibly the cure for any and all drinking related maladies.

If I could kiss a turkey I would, as thanks for dying to make my tummy gratified.
But I will not kiss a turkey because they are ugly and disgusting. God must have made them delicious because he knew none of us could stand the sight of their grotesque/hideous faces.

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