Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, we had a successful Sweet Valley HIGH Council meeting this evening at the gypsyden.
Possible future roommate Ellie stopped by with definite future roommate/twin Katie and creepy cat lady Sam.
jk jk jk nbd.
We tried to order food from Pita Express which i was feeling quite the jones for. Unfortunately Professor Samantha thought THEY were speaking Spanish so she gives the phone to Katie, resident Mexican in training.
No, apparently they are NOT speaking Spanish, makes sense and all since its a Greek place.
No pita for me.
So we get Vietnamese mmmmmmm FUHHHHHHH and spring roll fah two.
yum yum eat eat watch Pretty In Pink swoon over Blaine and Steff.

Also noticed the blatant signs of Jon Cryer's future as a gay man.
btw, basically every actor in that movie sports a pair of black Wayfarers. This movie is NOT where we should be getting our throwback fashions. Note to all of the smart ones who paid $200 for a pair in the LES. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

Smoke eat beers HaHa look at Andy's prom dress! What a clown!

Giggle swoon more, get tired, eat some raw cookie dough balls. Awes. It's a fucking shock I'm single.
I don't get it.

Take a bath, think about the concept of time, think I hear a phone ringing in the couch, I doubt that happening though.
Something weird is going on with these keys.

Forcast: Tomorrow will be rainy, sleepy, and possibly more coherent!

Post Script Ellie is awesome I hope she moves in.

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Samantha West Photography said...

god that was fun

I have no arms in that photo
you took a bath after we left?