Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Awesome's Creek

So yeah, Tally Dead Dead asked me how it went hanging out with this guy (blush!) the other night
and I was like ummmmm AWESOME.
Then he said, "Oh, Awesome's Creek?"
Sometimes I get so pissed off when Tally says funny things I should have thought up ages ago.

Ok, today was awful. Really!? Why!?
Because it's Tuesday, forgetful! You know how I feel about the Tues.

I was walking in drizzle around 2:25 this afternoon pushing a stroller wishing I could just put my hands in my pockets. January has truly fucked up my knuckles. Sigh.
I'm waiting to cross the street at 66th and 2nd, and this little boy and his mom come out of Dunkin Donuts. I'm waiting there just observing while this awful troll of a kid
has an appalling temper tantrum.
He's bitching and doing the crocodile tears thing and his mom is just basically ignoring him. She's not even reprimanding him. He's just acting disgusting and bratty, I know what thats like, I'm a nanny. Sometimes you just have to act like it's not happening, but this went to far for my liking.

Cross my heart and my legs, seriously, next thing I know, he just rears back his bitty foot and tries to KICK a PIGEON.
Like he wanted it to die. It just ruffled up its feather and wandered off, because luckily enough the kid was no real threat, horrid aim.
I think about kicking pigeons all the time, we all do. But I've never actually done it. I'm an adult, but seriously. What?
It's like when you're driving on a highway and you get a flash in your mind of just whipping the steering wheel and careening off the road for no reason. Impulses, really awful destructive ones. Yeah, I'm super hateful and I scowl at the birds and picture them dead and buried, but thats not the point.

Anyway back to antichrist kid.

I was thinking to myself, what a total asshole. But then i thought some more and decided it's not really his fault. He's a little kid who lives in New York. Pigeons are nast. Rats with feathers. I'm an adult with common sense and I have to restrain myself from the impulse to kick regularly.
Suburbs are good for something I suppose.
Less anger toward nature, because nature is less haggard looking outside of the metropolis. And there's less poop in the suburbs somehow. All the New York creatures poop wherever and just stroll around like they own the joint.
Pigeons vs Humans.
The day will come.

After that whole sitch I thought my brain was decomposing so I listened to In Rainbows on the bus on the way home from work.

The bus is awesome sometimes because it's masturbatory when idling. Don't front y'all!
Vibration aside, I think I discovered a new plane of existence.
Thom Yorke is so genius, so sweet and beautiful.
When he writes a song I wonder how exactly does he know that it will make me weep gently?
Sometimes I love music so much that I can't take it.
I would rather be blind than deaf. I hope god doesn't think that was a challenge cause I really don't want to be blind either.
For once, I am struck almost speechless. When I try to talk about music.
Because I can't make it. I can only love it and love it and love it and I think it is one thing that can make people feel sane again.

I just think if I couldn't hear music I would forget myself.

"I am all the days that you choose to ignore
You're all I need"

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