Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, Flu.

I have had the flu since Thursday afternoon.

I never felt bad for people when they said they have the flu because the last time I had it I was 8. My memories of it are pretty diminished and its just not something I relate to or pity.
OK well thats all over now.
The flu is fucking hell. It's new name is the Insane Boiling Vomit n' Shits.
I swear to sexy god, I became a fucking demon tossing around in my bed, sick-crying and freaking out.
The first fateful night Petit was here to play nurse so at least I had that. I drank mad Gatorade (as per uj) and didn't eat a thing for at least 48 hours. Ew. Seriously.
Enough about that.
I wasn't doing real well standing for more than 15 seconds until about yesterday evening. So Petit came over once again as did Sister Katie Orlinsky, our favorite Bloomberg paid anarchist sellout.

We did a couple of pretty key things.

I finally ate. A very buttery grilled cheese with sharp cheddar. good call sensitive stomach. My brain. Not effective. Too hungry.
Katie and I discussed our past fashion moments if you can call them that. The black flared-bottom dress pants accompanied by the tiny pastel top and silver jewelery was the most shameful to revisit. How one can be boring and slutty at the same time, I don;t know but it once happened.
We also decided there would be no harm in bringing back the days of going downstairs at Canal Jeans and getting old wide leg sailor denim and used tees. Ugh. What a dream. If only.
So most importantly we watched There Will Be Blood.
I re-title this film, She Will Get Moist.
Daniel Day Lewis is a fucking hot old man. He is just superb.
DiDi, as I affectionately call him, kicks ass all over the place EVERY SINGLE time he is in a movie. He is lanky yet so terribly masculine. He is also hilarious. I hope one day I see him somewhere so I can say, "Mr Lewis. You sir, are old. But. You being old would NEVER. EVER. Stop my from letting you tea bag me. I mean that. If you want to go do something somewhere I'm really game. I won't even sell the story of how wrinkled your balls are to the tabloids."
I really seriously love him and on a less disrepectful note (he is a man of the craft)
this movie is really really great. The score is killer, it has such an unusual human interest appeal, it is just so fucking AMERICAN.
There were parts in this movie where I was just so blown away. The scene where Didi and his son get a steak... drunken drunken maniacal genius. The fire at the oil site?

Psht. I really cant say enough but if I say anything, it's a spoiler.
Ugh! The scene with the admission of sin?!

The BOWLING ALLEY BEATDOWN!? Just see it, thats the point.
PS how do I go back in time and become a prospector? I really just want the title. And to say things like this in all seriousness,
"One night, I'm gonna come inside your house, wherever you're sleeping, and I'm gonna cut your throat."

Sidenote: I also watched Juno but I don't really care to discuss it because it wasn't that awesome. Sorry but I'm over the "all knowing teenagers with a world of philosophical gems spouted out with perfectly rounded vocabulary and knowledge about pop culture of the past 3-5 generations of music and film." Fuck off.
That being said, I love Micheal Cera, I DID cry at the end, and Jennifer Garner is fucking pretty. Glad I got that all off my chest.

Off to Winonathon.

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