Sunday, January 27, 2008

nothing to see here.

Its official.
Katie and I are no longer just buddies we are roomies.
We shall start it right today watching my people the Dead Rabbits kick some Native ass. Gangs of New York forevs.
Didi and Leo ugh the sex. The sex. Men are awesome.

So yeah, I definitely want to get my travel on.
I still heart New York, no shit statement.

Frau Lisa was here from Berlin being hilarious and euro avant garde.


We had a pretty fantastic weekend, new friends are boss.
We did the whole Good World thing Friday and thank god there were some amusing folks there.
A certain hilarious sassy jew blessed us with his presence and I guess I drank a lot and ended up licking faces and acting straight retarded.
Joke of the day came from Mr Berel when he told us that he likes to fuck with homeless girls cause when you're done you can drop them off anywhere.

Lisa also told me that we live like bums in New York and that no one lives like that in Berlin. So basically I'm jealz. I want health insurance and affordable housing too.

Somehow I ended up sticking it out at Good World for awhile and sitting at a table with some girls and chatting them up so I could eat their bread. I really love the bread there. The dip is sublime.

Saturday Frau, Sam, Petit and I went way uptown to Adrian's housewarming.
What a schlep.
I would totally move up there if the man of my dreams made me an honest woman and wanted to have some babes. They could run around up there in some giant apartment for about 1500 a month. It's pretty genius. I just need someone to fall in love with me first, nbd.

It's really amazing to hang out with models. The snacks were miniscule brownies, fennel, and rice cakes. Seriously? Yes, quite.
I guess I got drunk again and sat around in the dimmest lighting is history. Posh!
The apartment is fucking fantastic but I would rather be dead then take the train to 125th every goddamn day. So thats what I found out. You can wait for the D for about 25 minutes and want to blow your brains out, thats the cost of Harlemworld for real.
Thankfully Petit was there to amuse with all sorts of stories about her dad being racist and her grandma being horny.

Laughing is the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I want to laugh and get back rubs for the rest of eternity and also sometimes make out.

I also want to go back in time and be Dead Rabbit.
I just don't really want to smell like them because they bathed a full 4 or 5 times a year.
Imagine their crotches! Or don't.

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these make my days and nights
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