Monday, January 21, 2008

Serial Killers.

I will never have the right roommates.
I think the constant in the situation is me so maybe I am the wrong roommate.
I went back to Craigslist the other day.
Many a response.

Heres are two scary people who want to kill me in my sleep:


hi, my names brenda and i'm interested in the room for rent. i'm in my last semester of dental hygiene school and work as a dental assistant in tribeca. for fun i like sewing, reading, listening to my records, and film.

my analysis: hi i'm brenda i don't get my period because its devil seepage.


1. employed-yes I am work for the NYPD currently in the police academy
2. tidy-very
3. familiar with the area-I can't say that I am, but I am a quick study, and I will last more than 3 months just point me to the train and I'll be fine or walk aimlessly tell I get familiar with the place. That's how I've gotten to know NYC. I'm orginally from L.A.
4. able to stay until AT LEAST October, possibly longer-yes I can
5. able to pay first and security-not a problem either
6. awesome-I am awesome =)

Ok now for more detail about me my name is Hugo I'm 30 college grad. like I had stated earlier I'm from L.A. and just moved to NY and joined the NYPD =)

my analysis: in this case, I am the serial killer and he hates me. Really? AN LA COP CUM NYPD HOMOSEXUAL WHO USED SMILEYS IN TEXT? and hes 30. fresh.

Always more to come.
gettin on tappa ya Craig.

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