Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Challah atcha goil.

I met Le Petit Ryan today for a playdate so they call it. We brought the kiddies.
Went to the Museum of Natural History because I don't think I have the place committed completely to memory yet.


Everyone who works in security is funny. Especially if they are black. That's why there are so many comedies written for black people with blue collar jobs. White people don't really know how to relax just yet and loosen up, it may take us a couple hundred more years. With evolution we will one day joke effectively.

Did dinosaurs have penises? Well this was the question of the day. Seems logical that they would....but they lay birds. Birds in fact DO NOT have penises. Where do we go from here? Research. I will look into this.

Oy gevalt

We seriously considered sending the children off to make the penis inquiry.

Serious awe. AWWW.

Boys at the age of 25 are the same as they were at 2.
They like to create havoc and noise. They are horrible listeners and their balls just get bigger when you raise your voice. It's basically in their nature to be like , "Bitch who the fuck are you yelling at? Psht. I think I'm gonna go climb on that thing and see who I can piss off."

this artifact will make a fine seat for us poopypants children.

Andean art makes me emo to the max

yo I'm out. Meet me at the African Mammals suckas.

This guy has really bad taste. The photo gives less evidence than I would like. I followed him from the entrance to the elevator up to the 4th floor. It was totally called for.

So I had this idea for my hair. Young Frankenstein slash Jerry Lee Lewis? Yeah, I thought it was a fresh idea too. Someone punch me in the face.

Pygmies are hilarious.
Petit looks like one but does not qualify as she is slightly taller than 4'6.

Hm, says here I can't read. I'm 2.
Ryan could you please ask your people about their natural habitat?

The museum knows where to give up. There is a little glass window in the Asian People section reserved for JEWISH ASIA.
It is pitch black and empty.
Go see for yourself. No Josh and Judy Changs far as we know. (joke credit Ryan Taylor Eastman)

I want lots of rugrats.
Lemme get one please. BFT, I'm 24 going on 60.

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