Saturday, January 12, 2008


me: hi
talLjon78: hi
me: i will need to say
me: that
me: i am a metallic scent
talLjon78: like literally?
me: no
me: you can be a cup of teaa

talLjon78: if you were a candle?
me: orange indian tea
me: peed out

talLjon78: so
talLjon78: what youre saying is
talLjon78: your essence
talLjon78: scent-wise
talLjon78: is a candle that smells like metal that got peed out
me: no
talLjon78: i follows not
me: if i were a carpenter
me: and you were a douchbag
me: da da da da da

10:30 PM
talLjon78: are you trying to not make sense
me: no.
me: dont jugde the carpenter
me: it wont end until the finch arrives!
me: finch arrival

10:35 PM
talLjon78: shut up
me: and touch it
me: attach it

talLjon78: shut up attach it
me: shutupattachit
talLjon78: yessss
me: dadupachuchiit
talLjon78: haha
me: thats a retard saying it
talLjon78: thats you saying it after a dozen shots of tequila
talLjon78: with the sound of shattering glass in the background
me: ahahah
me: i lolled
me: lodular
me: ular
me: i like that
me: sound

10:40 PM
me: what one do you like
talLjon78: what sound?
talLjon78: um
talLjon78: dwep
me: a real one rere
talLjon78: squirt
me: i hate squirt you fucking asshole!
me: member that website
me: about squirts
me: ?

talLjon78: foreversquirt
talLjon78: i got a one way ticket to squirt city
me: forever21squirts
me: ew tally

talLjon78: what
talLjon78: its my thing
me: your thing is being a fucking faggotmaggot
me: that means you eat the poop of gay people

talLjon78: your thing is being a cup for two girls
10:45 PM
me: nope
talLjon78: yes
me: im the girl
talLjon78: yes
me: youre the cup
talLjon78: no
talLjon78: no
me: the other girl is your mom
talLjon78: im not
talLjon78: youre a ruthless player
talLjon78: in the game of hate
talLjon78: i just whispered that in your ear
talLjon78: with a shaky voice
me: hahahha
me: stop it ice-t
me: you fucking whisper threatner
me: stop paying attention to those boots
me: FM.
me: gay poop eater

talLjon78: fm belfast
me: faggotmaggot.
me: hey
me: hey
me: over here

10:50 PM
talLjon78: oh
talLjon78: hey
talLjon78: forgot about jew
me: forget about chew
talLjon78: here comes sis i prob have to go
talLjon78: yep
talLjon78: welp see ya later
talLjon78: big gulp
talLjon78 has gone offline.

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