Sunday, September 28, 2008

Young Black Men v. Old White Men

Oh, its a battle we've seen since the dawning of our glorious country!
Only difference now is, the revolution will be televiiiiiiiiised.

In order for us to think, we must drink.
And also smoke cigarettes while glaring smartly at the screen.
By the way, the Presidente six pack???
Totally subconscious purchase on my part.
The human brain is such a clever little thing!

Its important to document the first debate/which beer I chose to accompany such historical viewing.
Also, my hair looks GREAT.
So yeah, on those days, I take iphoto shots of myself.
I am unafraid of my tendencies toward a shallow nature.
We all have it, its awareness and humility that make it ok.

Do you hear that Pepaw McCain?
Awareness and Humility.
Take notes my man.
Because I'm sure you're reading this right now.
You may have passed over Letterman, but I'm big time we all know that.

I actually don't hate McCain at all.
I hate very few people.
And he's a super experienced guy.
I guess he would have to be considering hes been alive for 400 years.
I have to say, I'm peeing my panties with excitement to see Sarah "I'll get right backtaya" Palin try to speak anything other than nonsense for an hour and a half on live television.
It's going to be glorious.

I also want to mention that Fates rule the universe not people.
So bugging out about who the next figurehead/puppet for the American government will be is not at the top of my list of personal concerns.
It that naive?
Maybe it is.
Oh maybe its something to think about, yeah?

On a lighter note, how cute is my niece???
Ugh, wanna bite her face.
Bite it!

As for tonight, I am completely exhausted from sitting around with Sam, molesting my own hair (it feels so good after being wet braided and slept on for 12 hours, its like silken strands of sexual butterscotch)

It is very important to sit around eating Airheads drinking giant cans of Arizona and watching internet episodes of Arrested Development.

Bceause in the end this is what your face looks like and its the opposite of bummer face:

After that, your only option is to watch Fletch.

AKA Dr Rosenpenis

AKA Mr Spoon

How many times do I have to mention that Chevy was the hottest piece of ass EVER 25 years ago?

PS If you don't think The Chev is amazing in Fletch don't bother ever reading my blog again because we are just not on the same page.
In fact we are not in the same book.
Our libraries are in totally separate counties and your card will not work at my check out desk.

Goodnight internet.

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i feel a whoop comin' on.