Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the opposite of lets say the holocaust

I would like to make a disclaimer, which is a habit of mine but deal with it.

*The things I am about to say are super extraordinary mega hugely voraciously emo.
It is ok to use the dreaded E word in this situation because there really is no other word for it.

I need you to watch this video.
My friend Natasha blogged it first.
Fuck you Natasha!

Heres my point.
I am the most disgusting pile of brie cheese out on the table all afternoon.
So so very soft.

If you don't watch this video you will have to walk around in your fucky ass sourpuss mood knowing full well I GAVE you a remedy.

Whatever this shit made me cry.
It really did.
It makes me want to tell God he did a great job enabling this thing love.
I just have to stop talking.

Christ almighty people are so cute.
I want to use some kind of alchemy to chemically transform this video into liquid gold and pour it in my mouth.


hi? said...

i teared.

Kate said...

not impressed with the bright eyes. i suppose i'm banned now...