Saturday, September 13, 2008

Touchy Toucherson

The last few days have been pleasantly hilarious.
Just got back from a Godlike bike ride down south street...the lights on the tour boats and the fucking maaaaajesty of the waterfalls are kind of exactly what I wanted to see after a couple days of debauchery.
Goodbye fashion week, I didn't go to any shows because there is almost nothing I care less about than some avant garde artsy fartsy shit regarding what I should be wearing in 6 months.
I'm pretty sure I'll still be wearing some Little House on the Prairie type shit because I'm suburban raised like that. I am definitely not cutting edge, but I don't want to be on the edge because I have absolutely no balance. I refuse to be a trend casualty. I will stick with a winter of hot boots white tees and booty accentuating jeans thank you very much.
Wait til y'all see my custom Victorian lace-up reproductions.
Walk with pride ladies, your boots are everything come October.

Anyway, few days back I decided that birthday depression had to go, so I got dressed and made plans with Sterp.
I am definitely a huge nerd though because first of all I got a nosebleed while I was trying to get ready, and then I IMed JiJi and Bianca for outfit approval.
Everyone gets insecure sometimes do not front.
I did one of these....hey can I wear motorcycle boots with this dress???

Yes you can, Krissy. Yes you can.
Bianca also told me that the expression on my face makes her think I'm going to eat her.

So I did the dreaded traveling over to the west side thing to go to Milk Gallery which was totally worth it despite the line down the block to get in.
Free booze plus hilarious D list celebs!?
Um hi, right up my alley.
The best part was seeing Andrew Keegan wearing a baby blue bandana Rambo-style.
Ten Things I Hate About You?
Number 1: the fact that you are a total dickbag!
Jut kidding I'm sure hes a great guy.


There were tons of male models who look like the most boring people to walk the earth, but thankfully the vibes were supes pleasant.
We decided to kick rocks after two drinks and go to MissBehave thing, which was also a good time.
Dancing is not dead yet, thank the lord.
Saw many friendly faces, the city was in a good place that night, nobody was putting out the doody vibes. Except for the extreme agro doorguys, they were really not happy.
They may have left their anal beads in too long the night before because they were shouting at everyone about lines and 5 minute waits and are we all a bunch of babies...
Um no, but did you forget you're a DOORGUY for a living?
Chill out, everyone hates lines.
This shit is not LA.
I have said before and will say again, I would rather not be somewhere at all if I have to stand around for a half hour feeling like an 8th grader in the high school parking lot.

Stephanie was wiling which is good because she had a rough week, everyone needs the joy of too many drinks once in awhile.
Apparently we all became rich recently because we were taking cabs like nobodys business.

First cab of the night and shes still a lady.

2-3 hours later; goblined out.

Over to Lit, which is never ever a good idea unless you feel like ODing or getting into a fight or peeing in the street.
Thats ok, it wasn't too gross, just mildly gross.

Also, not to blow up anyones spot, but boys in New York have what I think I will name Fall Fever right now.
They are like, on the prowl for girls to say nice things to and buy drinks for.
What universe is this?
I don't know.

Speaking of blowing up spots, I got a specific request "don't blog me" from a friend I was out with. So my apology will have to go out to him, but I would also like to say please get over it its a blog not a fucking tell all memoir here. Lynn Spears is the one for that.

The one beautiful almost pure thing I have ever seen there.

My job was to obnoxiously pop this balloon only moments after it was tagged.

Dungeon dragons

Sometimes it makes me sad that I don't take enough photos of my life but then I think what do I need that for anyway?
To share it with you?
Because A) I don't think you care all that much about who I saw where and how greeeeeeeeat of friends we are. look heres the proof! We took a picture together in a bar!
and B) because although I am a huge advocate of telling life stories (it is my most favoritest hobby) I don't think that they ever come out the same when I try to incorporate too many visual aspects.
You know?
Also iphones have no flash.
My iphone could basically fly me to outer space but it can't light up something 2 feet away from me.
Ugh maybe I should do fuck that guy Steve Jobs.
What a jerk.

So just as a documentation that I can look back on, I am on a happiness scale, about as happy as I have been in months.
Isn't it lovely how that works?
Its like a light switch, only its your whole life.
Flick. Happy.
Flick. Not so much.
Is that some freshman in college pysch 101 after class stoner session observation?
I think it might be.
But I'll be that.

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