Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Dumpling

It's hard to blog when I don't feel like telling my business. Have I ever said that before in my life?
Maybe a total of twice.
Thrice at most.

I am in a happy little cave.
That is the sum of all I want to say about that.

refer to slightly non related photo because thats the zone I'm in.

These are the only people I have seen in about a week and a half.

what a hot mouse.

I got really excited to see this faggette.

I asked to see your flower Dballs.

Oh staaap it

Have you ever gone to a bar and seen people that look tortured to be there?
Ok because this ladyman and her friend were having the worst time imaginable.
UGH foooood and driiiiinks and caaaaandles and daisies???
I'm also on the other side of the fence right now, I'm the person who looks all merry asshole.
I'm not sure if its becoming on me or just annoying.

Speaking of annoying.
This is the opposite of annoying.


Stephanie wants to meet the tiny man.
I think shes attracted to him.
I think he's way hotter than that lady with the worlds longest legs.
She is a beaster.
I'm willing to bet she speaks pidgin english and slips roofies to young rugby players.

How Boo Radley of you.

It appears as though Stephanie is showing Dan how to give sex favors to an invisible man.

Sensational retard alert

its a spirit kiss baby

This is what I want from Amazon.
How have I not read it yet?

Its harder to be funny when you're happy did you know that?

you can all blame mister "Don't Blog Me" Wavy Waverson for my lack of posts and or interesting stories.
I am literally blogging the fact that someone doesn't want to be blogged.
This just isn't going to work.

1 comment:

Kate said...

happy is good.
enjoy, enjoy.
fewer awesome stories is a reasonable price to pay.