Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We could always just run away. seriously.

I'm considering watching Americas Next Top Model (with a penis tuck) on youtube
and waiting for Sam to get here.
Waiting for Sam is like waiting for Jesus.
But I haven't accepted Christ as my savior meaning hes never coming, and Sam doesn't NEVER come, she just comes late.
So shes actually not like Jesus at all other than the fact that she's super nice!
She also likes wine and she wears the same sort of sandals.

It was birthday week.
Wavey Waverson one day and Liv the next.
Happy birthday to them, they are really special.
Both of them were smart enough to just have a dinner instead of a "rager."
When i typed rager it came out fager, I should have left it that way.
Fager is totes ack. Accurate.

Blogging is hard when you're watching a movie but I'm only half watching it because it has a voiceover.
That way I don't even need to watch the screen.
Sensory overload.

Its actually really good.
So I should watch fully.
What a hot bitch poster!

Speaking of hot bitch.
I like how Liv wears shirts where you can see her bra.
I like how shes one of my best friends!
Sometimes I even love to hug her and I'm not hugmania.
I'm more wrestlemania.
Well known fact.

Livs mom looks about 30 years old.
And Lindsay always looks like she is modeling when shes obviously not.

Speaking of modeling I have had a number of people suggest I take it up.
Full time basis type thing.

She hate salam.

Commonly discussed amongst my social circle:
Denise's ultimate cuteness.

Stephanie looks like shes being a good listener.
I think shes waiting to talk.
And whatever it is she's about to say is probably some form of advice.
What an amusing character she is!
We like to put our faces close together.
Also there is Isabelle who just had a baby 6 months ago.
Why is that a big deal?
I don't know.
I'm just amazed by women in New York having kids before the age of 40.
Isabelle does not laugh and my jokes but she does tell me I should try out for Saturday Night Live.
Reasonable first step into the biz.
I wanna say LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT wearing a lion costume. Like a fuzzy lion jumpsuit with a mane thats a mix of my own hair and yellow and brown yarn.
I like how Jiji is hiding far far away on the couch.
Shes such a human secret.
I want to put her into a bjorn and carry her around and she can whisper gossip in my ear.
Actually she can just talk at normal volume.

This is as close as I got to documenting the craze backyard chat session after Livs dinner.
Wine plus wine plus circle of chairs plus too many people who like to tell stories.
Poor Jay and Himes two boys sitting there like how long could you all possibly discuss thigh thickness/birth control pills/what hats we have been wearing for 5 winters/how we met/the time we took that girl trip to that place.
Whatever they have to secretly love it.

Side Statement:
Hiyme there you are my old friend in the dark smoking your stinky cigarettes being wonderful. Its very living art if you ask me.
And me saying that is uncharacteristic/gay.
Mental hug for you.
PS great job on the sweet potato fries.
Its the little things.

I liked this gathering because it felt at some points like a little heart tickle.
I actually like being tickled but only under the Correct Circumstance.
Imagine if your heart got tickled?
It would be like the opposite of the heebie jeebies.

Sort of like that.
Real picture.
NASA forever.

New topic:

Cocoa is such a red light creature.
Shes sort of a tramp.
She is in love with the gross alley cat who creeps up into the yard.

Something else.

Why does this poster blow my mind?
Can you really learn to live a peaceful and just life from a 10 week course advertised on the train?

Can young hood Hispanic dudes stop wearing ultra gay embellished fitted denim?


hi? said...

why did you front like you didn't want to eat, when it's clear you went to crown?

also - my hand looks like a claw.

Krissy said...

the crown picture, little detective, is from DAYS before.
you sleuth.
dont try to get crazy with me