Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bee The Butterfly Man

Monday night penis joke!

Marion did not think it was that funny because it was in her soup.
PS Marion is in Richmond now.
Hi I miss you.
Road trip!

In other news, I think it is weird that Bowery Electric has that mirror wall outside.
I don't understand the concept.

Furthermore, the interior of that place is not so bad (recent realization)
Too bad no one ever goes there.
They need some sexy bartandrahs and some special hipster djs and its in the bag.
Or drink specials.
Always a good idea.
I just right now put it together that thinking outloud on a blog means it is inevitably going to be bor-hong.
I am falling asleep just writing this.

Today was therapy day and my best friend I mean therapist, Claude, discussed with me why I am afraid to be gentler with people.
I told him its because I play the role of being absurd and uncouth so well that it gets laughs.
I don't know who I am really if I'm not saying something negative that in turns comes out as humorous.
I told him I'm willing to bet if I soften up I won't be nearly as entertaining.
Case in point, this blogging sitch right nyah.
He told me when I want to be mean I should pretend that part of me is like the asshole cop everyone hates, who can never just be decent and let shit slide.
I thought that was an amazing suggestion so I'm going to try it.
When my mouth is ready to say "Hey fuckface I bet yer hung like a baby I can tell because you've got lady hands. I hope yer whore mom buys you a new car for your birthday then you accidentaly drive it off a cliff"
I will tell that part of myself to shut up.
I will be telling the asshole cop character inside me to shut up though, so it will be like a lil trick on meself.
Hooray for tricks!

Speaking of tricks I learned a few from this guy the other night

I have more news but I would rather eat my green beans in peace instead of doing this.

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