Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Is Dedicated To The Ones I Love

too tired for capital letters.
i got a new tube in my back tire today so i rode around forever an ever with jeylan.
i had my first slurpee of the summer.
two complaints then no more:
1. my chest hurts from breathing all hard on my tiny ass trick bike (ps i forgot what a shitshow going over the manhattan bridge is on one of those little things)
2. i have a fucking throbbing rager of a toof and im scared

Now I can use capitals.
My soulmate/sewlmate Porto's birthday is right nyah.
I love you Stephanie, you make me want to cuddle.
You make me a better woman.
You had me at hello.
Also, you complete me.
Also, I do like the movie Jerry McGuire and I will quote it whenever I damn well please.
What I don't feel like doing yet is uploading the shitty pictures I took from her barbequebe today.
So I will do that tomorrow.

There are things I love other than Stephanie and her birthday:

I love Hiyme and Olive.
I love that they have a new apartment and are my neighbors now.
I love Hiyme staring at this rack thinking about how to make his home more efficient and snazzy.

I love rubber gloves.
I am going to put it right out there and say, I think they feel really sesssssual.
I would wear a rubber leotard.
If that is too much information for you, then my suggestion is this.

I love penne, radicchio, baby spinach, pancetta, diced onion, garlic, good olive oil and a little stock.
And fresh grated parm.
And a glass of passionfruit carrot juice.
And pink Himalayan salt.

I 'love' dinner at Pink Pony with happy couples.
Tastes like bitter.
JK seriously I like eating dinner there.
With those people.
Also the 8 other people who were at the table.
It was a big table.
I love big tables?
Also a truth, I just decided.

I love how JensRocker looked at her going away party.
I love the lighting on the roof deck thing at The Delancey.
I also love that she is going to go somewhere and try something new, which is brave and smart and free.

I love my niece when we lunch at B Bar.

I love giving her a purple turtle tail.

I love her guilty-ass Oreo ice cream bar face situation.

I love being the one to get her nudies in the fountain at my favorite park.
I also love how much she looks like her mom.
I also love that her mom is my sister and her stomach is hugely preggs again.

I love baby hair.
I love how shes eating.
For the 18th time.
In like 2 hours.

I love JJ being with my family.
Or being in my family.
Same diff.

I love Mega Beth and how she haggled a bum over long stem rose pricing.
2 FOR $5.
I love that I got the other one.
Because it made me feel pretty walking home with it.

I love the way it feels when the x ray tech drapes you with a lead apron.
You're like a rock sinking into a river.
It makes me lethargic in the most awesome way.
I've been thinking about it for days actually.
I am pretty sure that puts me at a new level of creepy bordering on serial killer status.
But I would never kill anyone because look at all this shit I love.
I am so full of love that it hurts a little bit.

In a good way.

It is officially time to stop talking.

(PS my other sewlmate. Prince Rogers Nelson. His birthday just ended 33 minutes ago. Holler atcher Jeyhovah Wit. XO)


Hannah is GofeetGo said...

i like the way you blog it the way it is.

they made me type "inersh" in order to comment.

(while ago, i saw your pictures on flickr with your blog and clicked)

its ok. i am married and a lady.

Anonymous said...

no its not ok you fucking pervert....

PS: Taiwan can lick my nutsack

PSS: I had to write "lotati" in order to comment...NO ONE FUCKING CARES