Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't say everyone is disappointing

Please remind me to hang a creaking park swing in my next apartment.
In the living room.
The living room may be small enough that when I swing back and forth, my toes will touch the wall behind me then the wall in front of me.

Also remind me to not do drugs.
Its for the kids.

Now I am going to remind you to see Away We Go.
Here are two screenshots that might make you feel intrigued as well as a bit fuzzy:

I want to see more movies and drink more cherry coke.
I want to take a very short vacation and bring someone to the beach who thinks they don't like the beach.

Tomorrow I want to be given the tooth thats coming out.
So if you are up at 830 am please remind me to take it home to make into a ring.

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