Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All the good ones are dead or doing yoga.

I kind of really want to see Stone Temple Pilots in Atlantic City next month.
Maybe to get ready I will pierce my nose the night before and stock up on Manic Panic and get some really bad dope to shoot.
Whoops just kidding.
I'm not kidding about wanting to see them though.

How epic was Unplugged???
I have intense memories of falling in love with Scott Weiland/Eddie Vedder/Kurt Cobain(RIP)/Layne Staley(RIP)

PS MTV Unplugged is coming back according to this music news blog post but its only going to be online and it includes Katy Perry.
Fuck you, MTV.
If you can not live up to the year of 1993, then just give up already because I hate you.

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