Friday, June 12, 2009

Claire Fisher marries Ted Fairwell in the end, don't forget that

I have decided that women do not change.
I was just IMing with a very beautiful special coy intelligent 13 year old I babysit for Wednesday afternoons.
Yes that sentence is 100 percent truth.

I like to be supportive and be a good listener because there is no greater relief at that age...

Anyway, we were talking about boys.
How when you are friends with a boy, he wants to kiss you.
And boys you want to kiss, don't really want anything from you at all.
In fact, they want to date your bestie.
What a shame.
(PS this is all a direct tale from said 13 year old, it is not just a worst-case-scenario nightmare as you may suspect)

That gives me anxiety. Right now. At 25 years old.

More accurately though, the whole thing makes me optimistic that nothing really changes.
If you have faith, there is a time when it just kind of works.
When you're a little older than you wanted to be.
Not fit to wear white anymore.
Sort of tired looking with something other than Prime Ass Shapeliness.
Then I think, if all goes according to girl dream formula, someone totally loves you to an absurd degree anyway.
And you do not get tired of them.
And it is not gross when you wake up and they are staring at you.

Basically what I'm saying is, we are in love.

How rad would it be if my name turned out to be Kristina Messina?
Admittedly not that rad but get real hes a fox.

(lets say thats me)
(its not a stretch)

Open Request:
If you are in fact a man hope you read none of this because it makes me look fairly psychotic.

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