Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothings fair after that either dummy

I just thought right now of this awesome memory I have about being in a pool.

I think I was between 9 and 11 years old and me and my mom went to Florida to stay in a house, I think it was my great aunt and uncles house...John and Ellen? When my brother was a baby he put their names together and called them "Jellen"

Maybe my parents were on their way to splitting up, or basically split up, I would imagine thats how I ended up somewhere alone with my mom.
I was reading this super dramatic young adult book about a fat girl who no one was nice to, and she gave some girls satchels of lavender she made, picked from her yard. Thats how she wooed them.
PS I was reading all kinds of things at that age, but this shit I would still read right now, its like reading OK Magazine.
Girls are 12 forever, that is a fact.

Is it just me or is the girl with the bun looking in the mirror a little fox in the making?
Anyway I spend basically a whole day on a float in a pool inside a screened porch. Reading a book by a lady named Barthe.
The water was the temperature of the air.
Then my mom made tuna sandwiches and they were really good.
I wish I was there right now.

Also, I was a was "here" right now.

This is a picture of me peeing in an alley in like 2004.
Its probably the first time I hung out with Bianca and Stephanie and I don't remember who else because I was drunk.
It was really fun I think?
And it was one of the few times I remember during my relash with youknowwho that I didn't get yelled at for hanging out with girls.
He was a total hater when it came to me making my own friends.
C'est la vie.
Another fun fact about life circa 04...
I was really really good at peepeeing in bottles.
Now that you know everything about my urinating style, I think I can move on.
*Thanks Bianca for sending me all these weird fucking pictures where we were all at least 15 pounds thinner.
I love being 25.

BeeTeeDubbs, what happened to this nigga?

Ugh he is so petite feet feminine step I can't bear it.
Hes like a baby bird.
He really sort of bites my man Prince with all that motorcycle riding and pruning though.

Lets discuss clothes now.
Ebay is currently amazing.
There is so much I want!
But I don't have any money.

Why are all the girls who model vintage dresses on ebay so ana?
I decided it needed a term, so I settled on FauxPosh.
Per examplaaaay-

You look more like Hungry Spice, bish.

Sorry, someone lit some hateration incense in the gyps den tonight.
Smells like Indian food and baby oil.


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Annabelle said...

um... I read Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade as well... and the Baby Sitter's Club and Little Sister series... and Sweet Valley High series... and all the books that were LIKE Nothing's Fair...