Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last time I checked this gets filed under the Shitstorm kitiguree

Oh Em Gee. So Henry was telling me about how horse dicks have to get cleaned because they get so much smegma so I google image searched smegma and it was disgusto.
Not really.
I hate viscosity.

Shit is so so fucked up right now I can't even think about it or I will wile out on everyone.
I'm not complaining by the way.
But if you see me on the streets don't think I don't know how creepy and manic I'm being, I totally know.
I'm pretty much cruising around 3 seconds away from sticking forks in my eyes and doing homeless person talky to selfie behavior.

Moving on from that fuckery.

Sam shot the look book for Bess (which is so fucking hot goth beeteedubs) and I went along to 'help her' meaning I did very very little.
But I sort of want to own every single thing in that showroom.

Who cares.
Heres some dumb ugly pictures.

The work/shooting space for Bess is in Keith Harings old joint. Gimme the Hi5!

Gravity Tank?

Sicker=the hot gay porn selection in that place.
We observed many a bear daddy/whips up the butt/vintage hairiness.
It was a dream basically.
The only thing I saw that crossed the line was a dude with a candle stuck up his pee hole. Yes I know its called a urethra, relax nerds.

Stab all of these shits with studs and grommets and put it up for sale.
I'm buying.

Stevie did pretty makeup.

Look a model eating

(behind the scenes dumdum)

Stevie liked dusting his nipples.
It was very sexual for all of us.

What a Fight Club bod.
I guess its good but I like boys a lil fatty.
Just my taste.

I want these clothes.
Pants that zip all the way crotch to booty are really next lev.
I don't know if I could pull it off.
But I would work that studded leather garter all night.
All day.

Also those are my fav boots.
Can I have a boif that wears this shit please?
I found out I have a slight Norwegian Death Metal Fetish.

So then I got tired of taking pictures of this shit and took a serious break.
I took zero pics of the female model who was super cute and sexah and the clothes were also amazing.
Whatever maybe I just like looking at boys more than girls.
Big deal.

The next time I took out my camera was to snap Stevie making up Doug, who is the AMAZING designer/owner/HBIC of Bess. He totally looks like Perry Farell. Hes a trip. In the best way.
I sort of want to hold him in my arms while we listen to Rolling Stones Lullabies.
Wesley in the back looking all like somebody farted.
I think we are kindred bitch spirits maybe.

Nothing else happened, it was a super long day, etc etc, I got gifted an amazing tee with the tarot card for Death on it. So official.

I did one of those weird things where I started this blog, left it for like 2 hours, and came back to it and now I'm over the whole thing.
Me and Molly went to Beauty Bar later and said hi to Jen.

iz dummiez

iz happiez

Late night.
Accidentally tipped the cab driver 20 dollars on the way home.
Had the worst phone conversation of my life when I got home.
Thank god Molly slept ova or else I would have had no one to wake up to and walk to Pho Bang with.
A bowl of beef pho could probably fix anything.
I dare you to test that shit and say I'm wrong.
Unless youre a vegetarian.
In that case youre a fagget anyway so who cares.

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